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Our restaurant concept is based on Asia's rich colonial past and is under management of UD Cavaindo.  We opened in November 2013; housed in a old colonial building with free parking on our forecourt and with a large secluded garden terrace at the back.

The perfect place for a relaxing drink, romantic rendezvous, business meeting, family dinner or private party.

Friendly attentive service, a homely atmosphere and a wide range of menu items made with fresh ingredients await you.

Bon appétit!

Ibu Tuti / Owner


We only use the freshest ingredients.
We do not use pork, MSG or any artificial additives or preservatives.
All our menu items are home-made.
Where possible we follow old-fashioned, original recipes.
All meats, fish and vegetables are carefully hand-selected from reputable suppliers.
For white rice we only use first-grade Fragrant Pandan rice.
All our fruit juices are 100% pure fruit.
Enjoy our coffees made using beans with a strong and rich flavour.
We also stock a wide range of cold beers.

Enjoy your stay!


1863 MEMBERSHIP CARD (membership intake has been stopped)
Members receive 10% discount on their bill (all food and beverages).

Don't forget to get your stamp card and stamps. 1 stamp for ever rp50,000 spend. Full card (10 stamps) is worth rp20,000 discount on your bill.


Javanese & international menu
The best grilled meat and fish in town!
Appetizers, salads & soups
Real Dutch pancakes, desserts & ice cream
100% Fresh fruit juices 
Fresh coffee, tea & soft drinks
Cold beers


* Additional rp20,000 discount on your bill


  • The 1863 Loyalty Card is a bonus scheme for our regular customers. For every rp50,000 you will receive one stamp.
  • You will receive rp20,000 off your bill when you have collected 10 stamps.
  • When the card is used for discount on your bill, no stamps are given for the amount of that particular bill.
  • The 1863 Loyalty Card discount can be used in combination with other discounts offered through vouchers, the 1863 Member card, other member type cards (like the Solo Expats Association member card) and special offers at any 1863 restaurant outlet operated by UD Cavaindo.
  • Only one card may be used for discount per visit.
  • Only full cards that are within the validity period as stamped on the front and signed by management are accepted.
  • No copies are accepted.
  • No money back if the final bill would be negative after discount or for the value of (partially) completed cards.
  • Cards remain the property of 1863 Restaurants; operated by UD Cavaindo, which may at any time change the terms of or revoke the cards.



    5 of 5 stars - Reviewed 3 May 2014

    Very glad that I found this new restaurant in Solo. Fantastic western and Indonesian food at very good prices. Run by a Dutch man and his Indonesian wife. This will be my second home during my stays in Solo

    BENN F.
    Guest - comment on TripAdvisor
  • “Open air restaurant with an excellent garden view!”
    5 of 5 stars - Reviewed 19 June 2015

    Everybody who come visit the little town of Solo / Surakarta, they MUST visit this restaurant, I will tell you why.

    1. 1863 serve a very high grade gourmet with an affordable and make sense price.
    2. The ambiance of the restaurant is perfect to rejuvenate your mind and body after do some work
    3. The owner Pak Frederik is a very nice person, he and his team member will give you a very warm hospitality.
    4. Do I already mention it serve the best ingredient for their dishes? Try their 1st Grade tenderloin! it is very juicy, tender, easy to chew and the blue cheese sauce will make your tongue dance for ecstasy!

    Definitely, will return for pampering myself!
    Guest - comment on TripAdvisor
  • “Clean Restaurant with fresh products”

    4 of 5 stars - Reviewed 14 April 2014

    Visiting and dining at 1863 Restaurant Solo for the first time with wife and kids.

    Both International as Indonesian food very good, with fresh ingridients.

    The beer cold and juices extremely well. Although the dishes are not served at the table

    in the same time, which is impossible with all different ordering and personal attention of Chef 

    only the overall judgement is very good , close to excellent.

    Prices reasonable. Atmosphere with some slight back ground music could be a little better.

    Once again good food, will be back again.

    EDO D.
    Guest - comment on TripAdvisor
  • “Classy Taste”

    5 of 5 stars - Reviewed November 2015

    I loves the way mrs. Tuti puts fresh tasty dishes. Simply one of the best dinner place in surakarta

    AL F.
    Guest - comment on TripAdvisor
  • “Nice food and nice service, cozy place.”

    5 of 5 stars - Reviewed 3 October 2015

    The steak is absolutely delicious. I very recommended for this food well done!!! The meat and vegetables are fresh, juices aremade from 100% fruit. Easy and cozy place to hang out with your beloved ones. Definitely worth to try.

    YOGA C.
    Guest - comment on TripAdvisor
  • “Delicious food in serene setting”

    5 of 5 stars - Reviewed 28 December 2014

    We loved this restaurant, set in a beautifully renovated colonial house. The patio in the back has a quiet and charming atmosphere. Our Indonesian friends brought us here for drinks and appetizers. The bitterballen and kroketten were delicious. A great place with a friendly staff.

    Guest - comment on TripAdvisor
  • “Very good”

    4 of 5 stars - Reviewed 30 July 2015

    We had dinner here. The food is very good. I had a soup and a tenderloin steak imported. Prices are very reasonable. Last but not least cold beer. Definitely a good choice

    Guest - comment on TripAdvisor


You are welcome to leave a review.
When not satisfied during your stay with us, please approach us to solve the issue.


The name "1863" was chosen in recognition of the early endeavours of our owner's Dutch great-grandfather-in-law Conrad Alexander Willem Cavadino who started Cavadino & Co in 1863 with a restaurant, bakery and shop (toko) at the corner of Rijswijk (Jalan Veteran) and Citadelweg (Jalan Veteran I); a then high-class neighbourhood in Batavia (Jakarta).

So famous had the Cavadino business become that a bridge in front of the hotel was named after it early on.

The building is still in use as a hotel and recognised to be the oldest hotel in Jakarta; albeit with different owners; being Hotel Sriwijaya since 1950

Taxi drivers will still take you to this hotel when you mention Hotel Cavadino.

Also the bridge is still there and the building formerly housing the toko is now the hotel's restaurant.

Best restaurant in Solo (Surakarta) Indonesia

Jalan Monginsidi 79
(Balapan - across BriMob)
Surakarta 57133
Central Java

Phone: +62 (0) 271 631395
STAY UP TO DATE with news and
contact / like us on:

Twitter: @1863resto
Facebook: /1863resto


Tue-Sun 15:00 - 23:00+

(Kitchen closes 22:00)

Mondays closed